Tuesday, October 12, 2021

HD PHYSICAL THERAPY Recognizes National PT Month By Helping People Overcome Barriers to Physical Activity

According to the Department of Health and Human Services Facts & Statistics on physical activity, more than 80% of Americans do not get enough physical activity despite the proven benefits, such as a reduced risk of some cancers and chronic diseases, as well as improved bone health, cognitive function, weight control and quality of life. As a result, half of adults, 117 million people, have one or more chronic diseases.

Whatever barriers may be preventing you from enjoying the many important health benefits of physical activity, physical therapists can create a safe and effective program to get you moving. We are movement experts who improve quality of life through hands-on care, patient education and prescribed movement. PTs design physical activity plans for people of all ages and abilities specific to your needs, challenges and goals. We work together, and collaborate with other members of your health care team, to maximize your movement and empower you to be an active participant in your care.


Here are 5 Common Barriers to Physical Activity and How to Overcome Them:

1. It's too late to start, I'm too old, or I've been physically inactive for a long time. It's never too late to get moving. According to a recent JAMA study, adding physical activity at any age has benefits. In addition to an increased life span, adding the recommended amount of physical activity for your age and ability to your daily routine can help you manage stress, improve memory and brain function, avoid chronic disease and more.

2. It hurts. Movement is crucial to your health, quality of life, and independence. For some people, pain makes movement a challenge. Pain is one of the most common reasons people seek health care. A physical therapist can help you move better and safely manage your pain.

3. I don't have access to a gym or equipment. You don't need a gym membership or fancy equipment to enjoy the benefits of physical activity. You can get plenty in and around your home. Dancing, jogging, walking, climbing stairs, and gardening are all examples of physical activity that you can do without any equipment. To improve your balance, flexibility, and strength, try body-weight exercises at least two days a week. Use household objects like cans or milk jugs to strengthen muscles.

4. I have a chronic disease, condition or disability. Movement is essential for everyone. Whether you use a wheelchair or other assistive device to get around or have mobility challenges due to a chronic condition or a prior injury, there are activities that you can do to challenge your muscles and lungs and improve your health and quality of life. Physical activity can even improve some chronic conditions and prevent others.

5. I'm afraid of hurting myself. The right activity for you depends on your age, ability and goals. A physical therapist can help you identify a safe and effective physical activity plan for your age and ability that addresses your fears and helps you reach your goals.

Choose move movement. Choose better health. Choose physical therapy.

The HDPT offices in Wakefield and Burlington have no waiting lists, are conveniently located right off major highways, have accessible hours, support Direct Access to care (NO referral necessary) and accept every health insurance plan. We are adhering to all safety recommendations and guidelines. Please visit the 'COVID-19 & Physical Therapy' webpage for even more information.

At HD Physical Therapy, we are committed to the health and happiness of our patients. Everyday we work to restore each person's maximal function with consistency and compassion. Offering distinctive, inventive and proven rehabilitation treatment, our devoted professionals strive to deliver a successful and enjoyable experience to every patient we meet. For more information about HD Physical Therapy, please visit and follow us on all social media platforms.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Make WELLNESS a Top Priority and Let HDPT Help!


Why a wellness routine should be your top priority, and how HDPT can help you get started!

Wellness: the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort. An approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to just treating diseases.
2021 has been yet another stressful year so far. Some stress is good, but chronic levels of stress can lead to detrimental effects on our bodies involving the musculoskeletal system, nervous system and cardiovascular systems. Physical therapy can help with way more than just movement; therapists can offer techniques to assist in decreasing chronic stress levels and add balance back to your body...and life!
Here are 5 ways physical therapy can help bring your focus back to basic self-care, reduce levels of stress and help get you back into a healthy routine:
1.) Exercise
Regular aerobic exercise will bring remarkable changes to your body, your metabolism, your heart and your mind. Whether chemical or behavioral, it has a unique capacity to exhilarate and relax, to provide stimulation and calm and to counter depression and dissipate stress. Physical therapists can create a safe exercise program specifically for you that helps not only areas of weakness or decreased mobility, but targets the body as a whole. We can also assess you before you begin any other exercise program.
2.) Reduce Prolonged Sitting
As some of us continue to work from home, we must be aware that the amount of time we sit during the day is linked to a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and death, regardless of regular exercise. Physical therapists can educate you on ways to avoid sedentary time and stand up and move throughout your day in a way that won’t interrupt your daily tasks. A tip: follow the 20-8-2 rule. Sit for 20 minutes, stand for 8 minutes and move for 2 minutes.
3.) Hands-On Manual Therapy
Manual therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy delivered with the hands as opposed to a device or machine. It can include manipulation, mobilization and soft tissue work to reduce pain, relax muscles, increase circulation, break up scar tissue, improve tissue extensibility, reduce swelling, inflammation, or restriction, help with flexibility and alignment and induce relaxation and decrease anxiety. Although there is no one answer for how manual therapy specifically works to improve overall function, studies have shown that there are many moving parts that contribute to its effectiveness. After a PT has performed a manual therapy treatment, you typically feel better and our goal as physical therapists is to help people feel better, move better and ultimately live better.
4.) Breathing Techniques
In our stressful and fast-paced society, even without a pandemic, many people are susceptible to developing breathing dysfunctions. Breathing is the root of all movement. Daily diaphragmatic breathing is clinically proven to significantly lower cortisol levels (the primary stress hormone), improve relaxation and improve concentration. Talk to your physical therapist about properly learning this breathing technique to lower your overall stress.
5.) Social Benefits
Most people find HD Physical Therapy to be a friendly atmosphere with varied conversation and a sense of community. Physical therapists listen to each person’s story, develop personalized plans and create a setting where patients feel safe, comfortable and successful in their ability to achieve their goals. Being in such a positive environment helps boost your overall well being.
So, are you not taking care of yourself? Is stress taking over, mentally and physically? Are you still off of your normal routines? Take a deep breath and seek out physical therapy for help today. Wellness is not a one time thing, it’s a lifestyle.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Skip the MD and See a PT!

Your doctor's office may be very busy right now and there are many reasons for this. People who delayed medical care as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic are now returning to doctors’ offices, sometimes with exacerbated symptoms and conditions. Summer-related activities – vacations, backyard barbecues, pool parties, car trips, and more time spent outside in the sun and heat (when it's not raining) – frequently lead to accidents requiring medical attention. Plus, families with school-aged children are scheduling school physicals, procedures and visits before the school year resumes.

Luckily, you can see a licensed PT in Massachusetts WITHOUT obtaining a referral from an MD first. This is called Direct Access.
Direct Access means the removal of the physician referral formally mandated by state law to access physical therapist services for evaluation and treatment. Every state, the District of Columbia, and the US Virgin Islands allow for evaluation and some form of treatment without physician referral. However, many of those states continue to impose arbitrary restrictions on direct access, or only allow for treatment without referral under very limited circumstances.
Why It Matters
Direct access restrictions cause unnecessary delays for people who would benefit from treatment by a PT. Delays in care result in higher costs, decreased functional outcomes, and frustration to patients seeking physical therapy treatment.
Our Position
Allowing individuals to make decisions regarding their health care is good policy. Direct Access to physical therapy helps remove barriers to care. It helps make PT more convenient and accessible. It ensures that you receive the highest quality of care available, that you are able to access that care quickly, and that it’s the right care for you. It eliminates the need for an additional doctor’s appointment, can save you time and money and can lead to higher satisfaction and better outcomes.

In these challenging times, your health is more important than ever. Not just if you’re working toward recovering from an injury or setback, but also because we know that improving your overall health improves your mood, mindset and well being. So if you are in pain, or something just does not feel right, come see us. It’s easy. Together we will determine a physical therapy treatment plan of care that best fits your needs, or we will refer you elsewhere if care is not appropriate at this time. Whether you define success as being able to return to work, sport or fitness, care for your family or simply tie your shoes without pain, our team consistently helps people achieve those goals.
You can start your recovery today.


Wednesday, May 19, 2021


 HD Physical Therapy announces that May 15, 2021 marked the company's 9th anniversary!


In May of 2012, HDPT co-founders Ed Harding, PTA and Dr. Glenn R. D'Addario, MSPT, DPT, set out to create an exceptional place where they could be of service to as many people as possible. After nine years, they are very proud and excited to be accomplishing just that. Through diligence and dedication, their clinic has grown from the 3 staff members it opened with, to over 25 employees. Most importantly, they have been able to help thousands of patients. They have also mentored numerous high school and physical therapy students. They make many appearances at area health fairs, high schools, colleges and community events, as well as contributed to numerous local charities and their events. In 2013, they received national recognition for their overall success by winning ADVANCE Magazine's "Best PT Practice" silver medal, and in 2015 they were named the Wakefield Lynnfield Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year.

In response to their continued growth and success, they expanded their business and opened a second HDPT location at 99 South Bedford Street, Suite 6, in Burlington, MA in November of 2017.

"As always, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our referrers and advocates for helping make HDPT's ninth year an ongoing success, especially through a global pandemic" said CEO & co-founder Ed Harding. "Thank you for continuing to support our family-owned small business, for sending us patients and for giving HDPT such a positive community presence. As we continue to grow and expand, we know that we would not be where we are today without the enduring encouragement of our friends and family," said Harding. "In the last 9 years, we have helped a lot of people, and had a lot of fun doing it. Glenn and I sincerely hope to be able to continue that for as long as we can!"

The HDPT offices in Wakefield and Burlington have no waiting lists, offer same-day appointments, are conveniently located right off major highways, have accessible hours, support Direct Access to care and accept every health insurance plan. The health and safety of their patients and staff is their top priority. They are adhering to every safety recommendations and guideline. Please visit the 'COVID-19 & Physical Therapy' webpage for even more information.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Where you get your care can be very important in the success of your care!

2020 transformed every aspect of our lives, and real estate was no exception, for both families and businesses. The long-term effects have been complex: despite initial uncertainty driven by the onset of Covid-19, the local market has been red hot this year, and many experts expect that excitement to continue.

As the environment continues to evolve and as we turn the page into 2021, one of the notable trends that still holds strong is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! We’ve all heard that pop culture real estate mantra. 

As important as location is for buying property, location matters just as much for businesses. It is a key factor in the success of a new business and in the success of the businesses’ clients & patients.


HD Physical Therapy is located in
Wakefield & Burlington, MA.

HDPT’s two locations mean we are always nearby. Your chance of receiving the evaluation or appointment time you want, at a location near where you live, work or play, is easier than with other PT facilities in the area. Each clinic prides itself on being ready to see you quickly, and diagnose your condition accurately, in an environment that motivates, comforts and heals.

BURLINGTON: Wilmington, Woburn, Lexington, Bedford & Billerica surround the town of Burlington. The clinic address is 99 South Bedford St., Suite 6, inside Corporate Place. The office park is located right off Rte. 95/128 at the new Exit 51A: Rte 3 South - Winchester. The office is on the ground floor, with zero steps at the entrance door. There is also plenty of free parking onsite, including HDPT designated and handicap spots.

WAKEFIELD: Reading, Lynnfield, Saugus, Melrose & Stoneham surround the town of Wakefield. The clinic address is 607 North Avenue, Door 16, inside Lakeside Office Park. Lakeside Office Park is located right off Rte. 95/128 at the new Exit 57: North Ave – Wakefield/Walkers Brook Dr – Reading. The office is on the first floor, with zero steps at the entrance door. There is plenty of free parking onsite, including handicap spots. 


At HDPT, we always offer:

Coverage under ALL health insurance plans;
if you're paying your monthly premium, use it. Every plan has PT coverage.

Direct Access to care;
remember NO MD referral or prescription is necessary to come see us!

NO waiting lists for new patients; if something hurts come in right away!

Same day bookings & appointments are available; just call.

Free injury screenings and tours; come see us and ask questions. Feel comfortable.

Two notable locations along major highways; Wakefield & Burlington.

Convenient hours that fit any schedule, M-F, 7am-7pm.


Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Can Your Body Handle Working From Home?

Across the country, aching backs, necks and shoulders brought on by COVID-19-related lifestyle changes have sent many people to physical therapists — a trend that's still growing in 2021. Can your body handle working from home? 

Working at any computer work station all day takes a toll on the body. Today, companies have sent their workers home from offices, but in most cases, the coveted pieces of ergonomic office furniture - think $1,000 chairs and adjustable standing desks - remain in the empty spaces. Employees continue to work from home in bed, on couches or sitting hunched in front of countertops and tables. And even as we begin to return to more "normal" activities, many companies have already committed to keeping their employees remote through Labor Day 2021.
Complaints of neck, shoulder, and upper back pain are more common as people slump over their computers for hours at a time. Working from home has taken a toll on the bodies of people who simultaneously work and supervise young children learning from home. We are also seeing many people with previous problems that have flared up - aggravated not just by these lifestyle changes, but also the ongoing stress of coping with the pandemic.
Sitting at a desk while using the keyboard for hours on a day to day basis can result in poor circulation to joints and muscles. It also can create an imbalance in strength and flexibility of certain muscles, and lead to muscle strain. These issues can be easily remedied by taking frequent short breaks, or "micro breaks," throughout your day.
  • Get out of your chair several times a day and move around - even for 30 seconds
  • Roll your shoulders backwards
  • Turn your head side to side
  • Stretch out your forearms and your legs
Proper office ergonomics (setting up your office for the work you do) can help maximize your comfort and safety. Use the following guidelines for your work station:
Your chair should have the following:
  • Wheels (5 for better mobility)
  • The ability to twist freely on its base
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable arm rests that will allow you to sit close to your desk
  • Lumbar support
  • Seat base that adjusts to a comfortable angle and allows you to sit up straight
The position of the keyboard is critical:
  • The keyboard should be at a height that allows you to have your forearms slightly below a horizontal line—or your elbows at slightly more than a 90-degree angle.
  • You should be able to slide your knees under the keyboard tray or desk.
  • Avoid reaching for the keyboard by extending your arms or raising your shoulders.
  • Try to avoid having the keyboard on top of your desk. That is too high for almost everyone—unless you can raise your seat. The elbow angle is the best test of keyboard position.
The position of your computer monitor is important:
  • The monitor should be directly in front of you.
  • The top of the monitor should be at your eye level, and at a distance where you can see it clearly without squinting, or leaning forward or backward.
  • If you need glasses for reading, you may need to have a special pair for use at your computer to avoid tipping your head backward to see through bifocals or other types of reading glasses.
How can a physical therapist help?
If you are experiencing pain that isn't relieved by making these adjustments to your work station, you should see a physical therapist who can help develop a treatment plan to relieve your pain and improve your mobility. We are movement experts who improve quality of life through hands-on care, patient education and prescribed movement.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Staff Spotlight

❇️ Staff Spotlight ❇️

Meet Devin, a new Physical Therapist in our #Burlington clinic! 

Dr. Devin Thompson’s interest in physical therapy developed after completing treatment following an injury he sustained playing college basketball. While rehabbing to return to his own sport, Devin intuitively recognized the important connection between physical health and mental performance. He understood that you could improve your athletic ability by maximizing your body’s mental functioning. By helping athletes perform at their physical best, Dr. Thompson also helps his patients focus on motivation, confidence, intensity, focus and mind state, which are all needed to achieve success. This thought process applies to all of Devin’s patients, not just athletes. Physical and mental health are inseparably interconnected within everyone’s overall health and well being. Dr. Thompson consistently helps people remain active, engaged and independent, so they can get back to feeling their best.

To book an appointment in #BurlingtonMA today, kindly call the office at 781-552-3600. #hdpt #pt #physicaltherapist #DPT #physicaltherapy #Wakefield #WakefieldMA #staffspotlight #employeespotlight #employeeappreciation