Tuesday, April 11, 2017

#TestinomialTuesday at #HDPT!

#TestimonialTuesday: "I have received treatments from #HDPT for both my #knee and #back. I walked in with issues that were almost a 10 on the pain scale, a breath away from going to the ER. By the time I left, I had enough relief to avoid an ER visit and continue on with my day. The therapists are very in tune with how hard to push you. The staff is constantly advancing their education and awareness in their field, while delivering #results with their patients, and building an amazing therapist/patient relationship that is founded on confidence and trust. Not only is HDPT immensely flexible (often squeezing me in with less than a day’s notice), they are incredibly personable. Consider HDPT the “Cheers” of #PT practices, everybody knows your name and makes an effort to help in your recovery. They are also incredibly active in the #Wakefield community; HDPT serves as a fantastic model for other #smallbusinesses in the area." - Mallary C.