Wednesday, July 24, 2013

HDPT Announces Community Collaboration with Sanborn Day Services

HD Physical Therapy is happy to announce its community collaboration with their Lakeside Office Park neighbor, Sanborn Day Services.

“Even though we certainly don’t exclusively treat adult day care residents, we are happy to team up with our Sanborn neighbors to have the opportunity to help even more people,” said HDPT CEO & co-founder Ed Harding, PTA. “The new direct entrance that we have to their facility allows their residents’ therapy to be even more streamlined, convenient and effective. We share the common goal of being committed to bringing the highest quality of care to their residents, and this new working relationship allows us to do just that.”

One of our greatest success stories to date is Sanborn resident Augustine “Auggie” Costanzo.  Auggie, who is 88, had a stroke over 3 years ago. Since then, he had been wheelchair bound. He had tried other therapy in the past, but he always felt like he fell through the cracks and that he never got the right treatment, with the right people. He was not where he wanted to be. Auggie wanted to walk again.

He started working with HDPT a few months ago. At first he progressed slowly. We worked with him on stretching and increasing his range of motion. He then moved on to balance work, independent standing, safe transferring and, most importantly, gaining confidence. Auggie’s disposition changed when he moved on his own; he got excited and shared his accomplishments with family members and other residents. However, Auggie still wanted more.

In the past, he had been coddled, but we made him work. He moaned and groaned, but we pushed him. Combining Auggie’s desire to walk, his hard work and our skills and experience, we finally made it happen. With a specially fitted rolling walker, Auggie walked the length of our clinic and we all cried. Auggie still uses his wheel chair sometimes, but he continues to walk with is walker at Sanborn Day Services and at his home. He is one happy man.

Whether you are looking for a supportive living community or home care services, Sanborn Place, Home Care & Day Services offer an array of services for one to age in a place they call home. Sanborn Place is a supportive living community for the elderly and/or those with disabilities, located in Reading, MA. Sanborn Home Care is the sister corporation to Sanborn Place, dedicated to providing high quality home care services to the elderly and/or disabled. Sanborn Adult Day Services, located in Wakefield, MA, services both the residents of Sanborn Place and the outlying communities.